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BoardroomWebRTC Source code - version 2

BoardroomWebRTC Boardroom WebRTC - using tokbox version 2 Boardroom WebRTC - MultiParty Video Conference Boardroom is your private web-based video conferencing solution. It is based on the TokBox  OpenTok platform  and uses the OpenTok SDKs and API. You can deploy Boardroom on your servers to get your own Google Hangouts alternative running on WebRTC. This repository contains a Node.js server and a web client application. Table of Contents Installation Requirements Setting up Running Configuration options OpenTok configuration Firebase configuration Screen sharing Web client configuration Additional configuration options Customizing UI Troubleshooting Installation If you want to install Boardroom on your own server, read on. If you want to deploy Boardroom WebRTC  to Heroku, see . Requirements You will need these dependencies installed on your machine: NodeJS v4+ : This version of Boardroom is tested with NodeJ